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THe Founder

Ashley N. Browning is a native daughter of Dayton, Ohio. She is a graduate of Kentucky State University, where she received a BA in Criminal Justice and a graduate of the University of Kentucky, where she received her Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling and a Certificate in Developmental Disabilities. In 2013, Ashley relocated back to her hometown, Dayton, Ohio and she founded SoLoved.

In 2014, she received her certification in Chemical Dependency from Union College. And in 2021, she received her certificate in Non-Profit Administration at Wright State University. Ashley is also the owner of She Selfish and the goal is to promote self care for women of color through self care coaching and transparent gatherings,. Ashley is inspired to continue the legacy of her grandfather, Harry C. Browning.

THe Organization

SoLoved is a project based, 501c3 organization in the Dayton community. We are committed to assisting different populations through community outreach by doing quarterly initiatives. Our focal scripture is John 3:16, For God so loved the world…Our motto is HE gave, so we give! The purpose of SoLoved is to meet the needs of individuals in the community while expressing to them that Jesus loves them. We seek to aide and empower them not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually through the word of God. SoLoved was founded as a way to let people know that God loves them and just how much He loves them, through scripture and outreach. Outreach will be done by quarterly initiatives in the community through witnessing and the donation of specific items; those items will be tagged with the SoLoved logo and focal scripture. This outreach effort is not in association with any particular church or affiliation.


SoLoved exists to transform our community by meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people that we serve through outreach, support, empowerment and resources


To love and to give until there is no need, only overflow.

Core Values

Educate the Community

Elevate with Love

Empower through Service



Meet The Team


Ashley N. Browning

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Ashley Browning is the Founder of SoLoved. 

She started SoLoved in November of 2013. Ashley's main focus for the organization are community partnerships and funding. Outside of SoLoved, Ashley is a Project Manager and Adjunct Professor at Wright State University and the owner of She Selfish.

If you would like to know more about SoLoved, please contact Ashley at


Donniece Koontz 

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Donniece Koontz is the Board Secretary/Administrator for SoLoved. This is her 8th year serving with us. Donniece is the board committee chair for our #Hastag Lunchbag, Dayton Outreach Initiative. Outside of SoLoved, Donniece is a Child Care business owner and a Notary.


If you would like assistance from SoLoved or to be a sponsor or donor, please contact Donniece at


Dabriah Rice

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Dabriah Rice is the Board President for SoLoved. This is her 7th year serving with us. Dabriah is the board committee chair for our Night of Giving Outreach Initiative. Outside of SoLoved, Dabriah is the owner and operator of Divine Catering.

If you have any outreach initiatives that you would like SoLoved to be apart of please contact Dabriah at


Sharrell Loritts

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Sharrell Loritts is the Board Vice President  for SoLoved. This is her 6th year serving with us. Sharrell is the board committee chair for our Sock Drive Outreach Initiative, entitled, Sock It To Me! Outside of SoLoved, Sharrell is the owner of Skinny Babe Fitness.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please complete the application or contact Sharrell at


Charise Stargell

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Charise Stargell, is the Marketing Coordinator for SoLoved. This is her 4th year serving with us. Charise is the board committee chair for our Mary's Mission Bag, Outreach Initiative. Also, Charise is our Social Media Manager.

Outside of SoLoved, Charise is the owner of The Reese Touch.

If you have any marketing or press or opportunities for SoLoved, please connect with Charise on our Press page or please contact Charise at


#HashTag Lunch Bag Team Lead

The Mary Missions Bag Team

The Sock It To Me Sock Drive Team

The Night of Giving Team


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